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The Barkwood Inn Pet Resort

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"I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with The Barkwood Inn! My Pomeranian Brady has been there multiple times for many different services. Brady has been to Playgroup on numerous occasions, has been groomed, and will be attending his first day of full Day Camp tomorrow!. All of the staff has been extremely friendly and professional. It is very comforting to know that when I leave Brady at The Barkwood Inn for any of the above mentioned services, that he is in great hands! The staff cares for Brady and showers him with great attention! I have recommended The Barkwood to a number of friends and family and the ones that have visited share the same sentiment as I do. Keep up the good work!"

Sincerely, Kate and Brady

"I love that my dogs get their own Suite....... like a hotel! They used to have to stay in a crate when we were away. I also like that they are able to play with other dogs when they are there."

Kelsey, Fiona, & Lilly

"Hi, I just wanted to send a quick thank-you to the staff for taking care of Shadow this past week. He was so clean when I picked him up, and I actually called back after I got home because I was so pleased about his pads on his feet, they actually felt soft. the roughness has bothered me since I got him, but didn't know what I could use to soften them up...... well I was told about the Nose n' Toe and looked it up online and purchased a container. I do have bag balm in my cabinet, but thought I would try this. Again, thank you and I would love to board him again there."


"I just wanted to say thanks to all the staff who took such good care of Sam when he was there. He got to play with a lot of dogs, something he doesn't often have the chance to do. I loved the idea of him having his own door to go in and out of..... When we called during our vacation to check on Sam I received good feedback on how Sam was doing. We were able to relax and enjoy our vacation. I'm going to highly recommend the Barkwood Inn to my friends at work!"


"To the staff of the Barkwood Inn, Hello my name is Skyler and I checked out today at around 3:00pm. I just want to say thank you for everything that the staff does for all of their guests. You people are the best in the business, but the only place better is home. I am living proof of that, and now it is time to kick back and relax. Please see my attached photo of myself enjoying the comforts of home. Again thank you, Skyler. See you all again soon. WOOF"

"Thank you for taking such good care of our Willie"

~The Friedeman's

"Thank you for your services with Zoey. I know she looks forward to Day Camp!"


"Thanks for making the Barkwood a wonderful place!"

Lisa & Quincy

"Happy Gracie too! May your stockings be stuffed with bones....."

~Love, Toby

"Once again, thank you so much for taking WONDERFUL care of Rosie while we were in Florida. It was fabulous watching how happy she was on the web cam and I appreciate your updates by phone whenever I called."

~Donna M.

"Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our Rosie during the 9 days we were in Aruba. Getting your email with a personal update of our girl the first day I couldn't get on the webcam was amazing. Then of course watching Rosie interact with all of you and her fun in the snow, once we got our Aruba connection up and running truly brought a smile to our faces each morning. You certainly go the extra mile and we appreciate it."

Warm regards,
Donna and Nick

"I am so pleased with the Day Camp that The Barkwood Inn offers. After a day of play my Bulldog puppy Gracy is so tired out, it makes me happy to know that there is such a place that she can go and have a day of fun with other dogs."

Kim & Gracy

"We are extremely happy with our Sheltie's Salon Groom at the Barkwood Inn. It is the best groom he has ever had!"

Jim & Pat

"Thank you for your great care of Bella while we were on vacation. After meeting the staff and seeing the Resort, I had no hesitations in leaving her! She clearly enjoyed her stay, she cried all the way home. Thank you for what you do - this place is amazing!"

Caitlin & Family & Bella

"I just want to thank all the staff for taking such good care of Duke while we were on vacation. This was the first time we ever left him, but when I called they told me how good he was doing and put me at ease. This is a great place which I will recommend to all my friends and now I know Duke has a safe and fun place to stay when we have to be away."

Thanks again,
Betty & Family

"Thanks for taking such good care of Spartan & Sue! We hope to call again this summer - they seemed to enjoy the Barkwood! We appreciate all of your hard work!"

The Wornhams

"Sonny would like to say Thank You! for all the pampering he reveived on Sunday. He is always treated like a King and can't wait to see you again!"

"Jenna, Kayla and all my wonderful friends at the Barkwood Inn... Thank you for taking such good care of me (and my mom!)."

Love & Tail Wags, Jackson

"Thank you for the excellent care you have given us when we vacation there."

~Fred and Heidi

"Thanks for taking such good care of Tristan. We hope you enjoy the bread!"

Tristan, Sharon, & Bob

"Thanking each of you for all you do for our little "Rosie"....She loves her "Mini Getaways" and you really spoil her each time she "resides" at the Inn! Each one of you is truly a perfect match for our Rosie!"

~Nick, Donna, & Rosie

"Thank you for taking such good care of us this year!"

~Hannah & Pookie

"Thank you for taking good care of me!"


"My dog is staying the weekend and I left very sad and upset [because I was leaving him behind] but I was given a paper to view the dogs during their playtime. Every hour once I got home I checked the playroom and I was ecstatic to see my dog playing. the kids started to come see what I was doing and we ended up leaving the video on while we packed for our weekend trip and both kids kept going over to see what Harley was up to and they would shoot an update to the rest of us. I didn't even ask them to do that. They both LOVED seeing Harley playing with other dogs. That video stayed up until Harley walked out of the room. We left after that. It was a sweet and reassuring thing to see and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. I can't wait to come home on Monday and pick him up but I feel good that he is there w/ you guys!"

Christine & Harley

"I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Barney while we were on vacation. the kids had so much fun watching him on the webcam too."

Thanks Again!

"I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful care Bella-Blue and Tigger received during my vacation the end of July. I was very concerned that she would be very stressed and lose weight. She did not lose even one pound! Jim was very kind to me when I called every day"

Thanks Again,

"I had my dog Zoey boarded this past Saturday night and was very pleased with the service and quality of her stay (Thank you!)"


"I came in today with my son without an appointment to check out your facility and I just wanted to say that all the girls were very helpful, and very patient with all my questions. Thanks again, hope to be in soon."

Terry & Sadie

"While Mommy & Daddy are in California, I can't think of a better place for me to be than the Barkwood Inn! I hope you enjoy the fruit basket..... I asked the Woodstock Orchards to make it just for you! With lots of hugs and puppy dog kisses"


"Just wanted to say thanks to you and everybody else for taking such good care of Jonas this week on such short notice while I was in the hospital. It was certainly appreciated and gave Terri and I peace of mind that he was being well cared for."

Thank You,
Bill & Terri

"To all the wonderful staff - Merry Christmas!! Thank you for all that you do for Lilly!! We truly appreciate all your hard work - we'd be lost without you!"

Lilly, Leah, & Mike

To our Friends at the Barkwood Inn...."Thank you for letting us come to play and stay with you all year! We Love you ALL!"

~ Rory & Baily

"Barkwood Inn Staff, Thank you so much for watching Cooper! This was his 1st big sleepover. I am sure he had so much fun! I hope he was well behaved for you all. Thank you for your kindness and attention you always give him and all the other pups! "

Thanks you again,
The Manzi Family